Turbo rebuilds and tuning

This is ‘free power’ in the case of Turbos. They are driven by the exhaust gasses and Superchargers are driven by the engine, usually by a belt.

Again this is a field that we have expert knowledge. Please bear in mind that when considering fitting one of these to an ordinary engine, other modifications will be required. Considerable gains in power levels can be obtained by fitting a supercharger or a turbo to your vehicle.

We also carry out our own modifications to cars fitted with factory turbos and the new generation of cars with superchargers, for example Mercedes Benz Compressor.

The results speak for themselves. Intercoolers can be made in our workshop to order as well as a multitude of other parts including manifolds. We can make these in aluminium or stainless steel for both super or turbo chargers.

We have just delivered to a customer a Chevrolet V8 engine that we have fitted a supercharger to, along with other modifications of our own for a power boat application.