Specialist Welding Services in Larnaca

Specialist welding services in Larnaca

Specialist Engineers offer specialist welding services in Larnaca and are experts in MIG and TIG welding in Cyprus. What is MIG and TIG welding and how is it used?


What is MIG? MIG stands for metal inert gas. In MIG, a spool of solid-steel wire is fed from the machine, through a liner, then out of a contact tip in the MIG gun. The contact tip is hot, or electrically charged, when the trigger is pulled and melts the wire for the weld puddle. Mig is usually used for manufacture of thicker steel like suspension components etc main reason being its ability to penetrate thick steel for a much stronger joint.


TIG uses a tungsten electrode that is nonconsumable. In other words it does not burn up like an electrode in stick welding or the wire in metal inert gas (MIG) welding does. The tungsten acts as the torch: It generates heat, which melts the metal and/or filler metal. Tig is mainly used in the manufacture of gas tight joints such as exhaust manifolds, its perfect welds on stainless and aluminium parts, make the finished items very tidy with no clean up whatsoever. This has many benefits over MIG

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