About Us

Specialist Engineers’ was borne out of a family run business in the UK, a successful business that has traded for over 40 years!

Steve started the business here in Cyprus in 2004 when he realised there wasn’t a specialist car mechanics in Larnaca that offered clients the type of services he was used to within his family business environment.

His 30 years of experience working with Mercedes, Aston Martin, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Ferrari, and Lamborghini is backed up with a college degree in engineering.

Specialist Engineers has built itself into a real ‘niche-market’ business. The business now has a reputation in Cyprus as an expert in restoring classic cars and for being able to undertake specialist engine/gearbox rebuilds along with complex work like cylinder head porting, MIG and TIG welding and body part fabrication.

Reliability, honesty, efficiency and hard earned skills are the basis of Specialist Engineers success. Whatever your servicing requirement, Specialist Engineers, specialist car mechanics in Cyprus, are on hand. Contact Steve today to discuss your requirements.

Telephone 99561094 or 97804914


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